Founding Artists

“- “- a joyous performer ”

“ - beautiful tone - rich, clear, vibrant”

“- a pleasure to watch get lost

in her music making”

“- an intelligent singer-musician”

--- NATS

The art of uniting text and music into one beautiful, cohesive statement is the gift of vocalist Margaret Sewell. Specializing in the performance and interpretation of German, French and English Art Song, Ms. Sewell holds both Master and Bachelor of Music Degrees in Performance and Pedagogy from Oklahoma State University. Sewell is grateful to the teachers she has had, OSU’s Sunny Van Eaton and Viola Dacus and owes a huge debt of gratitude to her current teachers, Linda and Peter Strummer who have helped her get her voice back “and then some” following a recent thyroidectomy.

In addition to her concert recital appearances, Ms. Sewell is a Psalmist and Cantor at St. Bernard of Clairvaux Church.  Sewell is an active volunteer and enjoys working with the St. Bernard Chancel and Bell choirs as well as directing community musical theater projects through St. Bernards.

Margaret feels blessed to have the unceasing support of her husband Rob, her family and friends and all they do to help make these intimate home concerts a reality. It truly is a team effort!!

Margaret Sewell, Vocalist

Farren Mayfield is a diverse musician

with a wide array of performing and teaching

experiences ranging from classical to jazz.

Farren Mayfield currently serves on the Northeastern State University music faculty as instructor of Class Piano, Rock Music History, and Music Appreciation. He also operates a piano studio and works as a collaborative pianist in the Tahlequah area. Mr. Mayfield performs solo piano recitals throughout the Midwest and  works in a variety of genres.

Mr. Mayfield graduated from Northeastern State University in Tahlequah, suma cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts of Education. Soon after, he attended the University of Oklahoma where he obtained a Master of Music in Piano Performance and Pedagogy.

Mr. Mayfield has worked as an adjudicator for many festivals and OMTA related events and is also a member of Music Teacher National Association.

As a music lover, Farren enjoys all kinds, particularly those authentic traditions not tainted by the mainstream. Farren has two children; Farren Traz and Chloe Dawn, who always remind him of life’s gifts and possibilities.

Guest Artists

Signature Quartet

Farren Mayfield, Pianist

farrensampler.mp3 indexleure2.mp3

The Signature Quartet at Tulsa Community College was established in 2001 as an education and performance quartet.  The quartet performs more than 100 concerts a year in front of audiences of all ages. It performs works from Ludwig Van Beethoven to Michael Jackson.

The quartet members also teach and coach more than 1000 students each year. The quartet shares the emotional and personal benefits of music as well as impact youth in Tulsa and surrounding area with Signature Symphony’s Higher Scale.

Higher Scale operates as a partnership between Signature Symphony, Tulsa Public Schools and Tulsa Community College to take music education and experiences into elementary schools where music programs otherwise would not exist.

The Signature Quartet is: Erica Parker, cello; Jeffrey Smith, viola; Eric Samuelson, violin; Rachel Hay, violin.