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Since September of 2007 classical musicians Margaret Sewell and Farren Mayfield have devoted their collaborative energies to bringing classical music to their audience on a personal level.

“So much of what we perform was first heard in the living rooms of cities like Paris, Leipzig, Naples and London as well as the rural communities.  

This is how it should be experienced

in my opinion - intimately.”   

- Margaret Sewell

The overwhelming positive response to these home concerts has been the catalyst to expanding from vocal and piano concerts to chamber groups such as string trios and quartets as well as solo instrument performances. Salon, administrated by Margaret Sewell, is providing home venues, booking along with  advertising and communications to bring musicians and audiences together.

See Artist Bios for full artist information on Margaret Sewell and Farren Mayfield and to listen to their music.


Join Them and Meet Classical Music

Face to Face

What Our Audiences Are Saying:

“Thanks so much for a beautiful evening of well-performed music of great quality and delightful variety! You and Farren are always wonderful performers and hosts, and you both share your love of music in such a warm and interesting way! Your guest performers were also exquisite in their quality of performance and warm presentation.  Thank you so much for a fun evening of salon music….complete with friendly ambience and delicious snacks!”

-Anne R.

“Your Salon Concert on 1/23/09 was a delightful surprise for me.  I never dreamed I’d find something like that anywhere outside Europe! All your hard work and preparation was very apparent and I predict you will enjoy great success.” - Robin H.

“I loved it and look forward to more!” - Karen H.

“Your concert was delightful! You outdid yourselves! The food and wine were wonderful too, but you really don’t need so much of it - as the music satisfied our appetites!”

- Joyce P.

“Margaret Sewell and Farren Mayfield, two brilliantly talented musicians, have created a wonderful experience for all music lovers. Please look for upcoming concerts you will have a wonderful time!”

- Lon de Ada

“The music was delightful and enlightening – I had never heard most of it and it was the first I’d heard of “art” songs, which are very evocative. My favorite kind of evening….warm and informal, but classy!” - Virginia R.